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How to play pinata game

The party pinata game is a fun and great party game for kids to play at parties. 

 Things you will need 

  1. Pinata (click to shop now)
  2. Rope
  3. Candy/ pinata filler (click to shop now)
  4. Blindfold
  5. Stick/ pinata buster (click to shop now)
  6. tree branch, beam, or 2 chairs, and 2 adults


Before guest show up

Fill party pinata with candy and toys through the opening located on the top, back of the figure. If no hole is pre-made you will need to cut a 3” hole (click here to see example)

Game area set up

  • Hang pinata from a low-hanging tree branch, a beam in a patio, or also 2 adults standing on 2 chairs across from each other. Party pinata game can also be played indoors in a garage or auditorium. Use pinata hanging loop (click here to see example)
  • Note 1: just make sure rope is secure from both ends
  • Note 2: make sure there enough room for kids to swing stick without hitting anything only pinata.

Pinata game is about to start

  • Get all kids in one line smallest to tallest. 15 feet away from pinata hitter 
  • Blindfold 1st player spin him/ her around a few times with pinata buster stick, point him/ her to pinata. Each player gets 2-3 swings.
  • Keep all kids 15 feet away from pinata hitter while playing pinata game. When pinata breaks take pinata buster stick away so kids can grab prizes candy and toys from floor.


 Tips/ Ideas

  • Fill party pinata before guest show up.
  • Use party pinata as a centerpiece decoration before breaking.
  • Young small kids don’t need to be blindfolded.
  • Swing party pinata around for bigger kids.
  • When playing party pinata game tell guest to trick/ mislead pinata hitter. This makes game more fun.
  • Give kids candy bags for pinata prizes before pinata game starts.